How to Calculate The SLA of an Internet Service?

How to calculate the SLA of an Internet Service

This article contains a guideline to calculate the SLA (Service Level Agreement) or Service Quality Assurance from an internet service. Since the SLA is one factor that is generally considered before someone chooses an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to fulfill their needs.

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So what is SLA? SLA is the same as to guarantee, instead, you can refer SLA as the guarantee itself. An SLA assures the uptime of your internet availability match with the agreed standards between the customer and the provider when the subscription contract is signed.

Generally, SLAs are not explained in detail in the product description or quotation letter attached by the service provider or salesperson. SLAs are only delivered as a percentage, so how do you convert this percentage into units that are easier to understand? The following is the simplest way to calculate it:

  • The basic formula is: 24 hours * number of days in 1 month as 100%
  • So if an ISP determines the amount of SLA at 100%, then the uptime they guarantee is 24/7. What’s the meaning of it? It means even if the internet service only interrupted for 10 minutes, the customer has the right to complain, and ask for restitution or compensation.
  • How about 99%? Well, let’s count it. for example, if a month has 30 days, then 24 * 30 = 720 hours * 1% = 7 hours 20 minutes. It means in 1 month, the guaranteed uptime is 7 hours 20 minutes. Then If the downtime duration hasn’t exceeded 7 hours and 20 minutes, the customer still not eligible to receive compensation or restitution/compensation.
  • And so on for other percentages, 98%, 97%, etc.

Meanwhile, the uptime that is not guaranteed is generally a periodic or routine downtime that can always occur every month and predictable for acceptable reasons. For example, the internet is interrupted for 1 hour for infrastructure maintenance activities.

Last but not least. For your additional information, in Cyberplus, our SLA is 99%