Practical Tips Choosing Your ISP / Internet Service Provider

In today’s world there’s no denying that Internet is already become a primary need in our daily lives. It’s kind of hard to imagine living without internet in today’s world. Safe to say that it’s true, we can observe it from every simple things all around us. From mothers looking for a recipe, school students searching for articles for their school assignments to online banking even we can borrow money using the internet!

Good internet connection is very vital in order to support business activities. It’s gonna be very annoying and slowing down all office activities therefore decline in overall productivity and in the end will be take effect in company performance. So, I think we can all agree that choosing the right ISP / Internet Service Provider is essential.

So, how to choose the right ISP / Internet Service Provider ? Many people forgot there’s a word “Service” in ISP / Internet Service Provider. Subscribing internet connection IS subscribing to the service one provided, how is the internet connection speed you’re subscribing can be achieved, the stability of the internet connection and the most important thing is how is the ISP’s customer service quality handling customer troubles / complaint.

Below area some tips in choosing the right ISP / Internet Service Provider :

  1. Determine how big internet bandwidth suitable to your need
    Offices that have hundreds of employees and actively using internet surely gonna need bigger bandwidth compared to offices that have less than 20 employees in example. And are there any CCTV/IPCAM that needs to be accessible via the internet or are there any internal application servers that the company branches going to access will be considered in order to determine how your company bandwidth necessity. To do this, you can always consult with our sales representatives. We at Cyberplus will help you to determine this in order to achieve efficient cost and budget for your internet necessity.
  2. Choose the media you will be using to delivers the bandwidth
    Generally the Internet Service Provider will be offering 2 options regarding the media, which are fiber optics and wireless. Each option has their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours to take.
  3. SLA (Service Level Agreement)
    is the internet service’s uptime guarantee from your Internet Service Provider in one period of time. For example, we at Cyberplus gives our clients a 99% SLA guarantee which means in one month period if our internet service’s uptime do not achieve 99%, our customers entitled to a billing restitution on the next invoice.
  4. Internet Service Provider’s infrastructure quality
    Is the infrastructure used by the Internet Service Provider / ISP all the way through the customer’s site really owned and controlled by the Internet Service Provider / ISP ? And what about the redundancy factor ? The Internet Service Provider / ISP’s upstream quality ? Is it only affordable by price or is it an reputable good quality upstream ?
    Of course, we at Cyberplus really consider quality and redundancy in our infrastructure in order to provide the best internet service to our customers.
  5. How is the Internet Service Provider / ISP’s customer support ?
    One thing that absolutely crucial to consider choosing the right Internet Service Provider / ISP is the quality of the ISP’s customer service. When there’s trouble or complaint about the customer’s internet connection, customer support’s quality is crucial in order to quickly take action troubleshooting the cause of the problem in quick fashion, effective and friendly. Because believe, there’s no way a service can be delivered 100% smoothly, there will be a time a problem will occured. In this time the customer service’s quality will be very important.

These are factors to think about in order to choose the right Internet Service Provider / ISP for your needs. If you in need for great Internet services, in these areas such as Jakarta, Bogor, Depok. Tangerang, Bekasi, Cikarang, Karawang, Cikampek, Bandung, Garut, dan Cirebon; Please do not hesitate to contact us. Happy Hunting!