Designing Office Network Infrastructure

Following the technology development as of today that always moving forward, these days Information Technology’s role is becoming more crucial as one of many supporting roles inside an organization. In every company or any business field will be needing Information Technology’s role in order to operate well and smoothly. Some offices for example, it will be very annoying and obstructing if the technology information infrastructure often has trouble. In example if the internet connections is troublesome so that the employees and staffs can not send business emails, or even the local area networks is the culprit for the disturbance. It is really can be very annoying right ?

If the trouble / disturbance happens on internet access related, we can count on our internet service provider to help us troubleshoot the problem. But if it happens on our own local area network, the responsibility lies on ourselves because it’s not our ISP’s scope of work, so it’s safe to say that designing a good network infrastructure is paramount considering some examples above. In this article we will be talking about the process to design office’s local network infratructure.

What are the things to consider in designing office network infrastructure ? There are several things, such as :

1. The technology and purpose
There is a saying in IT world that says wire is always better than wireless. But that isn’t always the case. Because of their different characteristics, we have to be able to get the most of each characteristics to achieve our goals. For example, for PC workstations, using UTP Cable surely better considering the speed and troubleshooting process in case of problems compared to wireless technology. But on the other hand, to provide internet access facility for guests or devices like handphones / tablets surely more suitable using wireless access points right, ?

2. The devices
To determine devices brand and type for devices (such as network switches, cables, access points, etc) that we will be using, these factors should be  considered :
a. Speed / throughput needed
b. IT Staff or the people in charge to maintain the network and devices familiarity to the brand or type ? Because each brand generally quite different in commands.
c. Future scalability
d. Documentation ! A good documentation will be very important to determine how smooth and fast a troubleshooting process when there’s a problem occured. This is the most common mistakes for people usually take this for granted and just realize the importance when problems already happens.

3. The people

After all the process to design and building your office network, surely you will be needing a capable IT staffs in order to continuing maintain or to developing your network suitable for your constantly growing needs. A lot of companies still doesn’t have their own IT staff, and this should not be a problem because a lot of companies have this service including Cyberplus.
We can provide you a quality solution from design, implement, maintenance and developing your network.

There you have it, I hope this article can give you some insight regarding building your own office network infrastructure.