Know The Difference Between Dedicated and Broadband internet.

Dedicated Internet Service Vs Broadband Internet Service.

Currently, most businesses are highly dependent on an internet connection
to access several apps such as VOIP conference, cloud, VPN, file sharing,
emails and so on. Having a reliable internet is very important for great performance and the business community. If you are launching or growing up your small business, you may not realize that the main differences between broadband or dedicated internet or also known as the shared internet service. Understand each connection type will help you decide the reliability and performance of your business.

Although the complexity of the access to internet technology may look confusing at first, there are some basic differences that are easy to understand. Finally, which one that you choose depending on your apps, budget, targets, the size of your business and uptime requirements. You can get a kind of information related to the pros and cons of each of than before ordering your best connection.

First, what is the dedicated internet connection?

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Dedicated Internet Network Topology

The dedicated internet connection is the service where the provider will dedicate a specific amount of bandwidth for that connection. This bandwidth was not shared with other people instead of the users of the physical circuit, as the specific connection, the performance is always consistent and reliable high as well. The dedicated internet was also known as the DIA and available in some types of connections.

You should know that the different locations also have various availability for each type of internet service. The types of dedicated internet connection are depending on what your location can accommodate. Each type of circuit will be priced based on the level speed of bandwidth and contract length, usually, it comes in 1,2,3 years term. When you book for the dedicated internet service, the amount of your bandwidth that you get was guaranteed as well.

You will get performance metrics such as packet loss, uptime, latency and repair timeframes were been guaranteed in the document which called the SLA or Service Level Agreement. It ensures that your internet connection will work on consistent service, regardless of the number of users online in that area.

So, what is the broadband internet connection?

A broadband internet connection is a shared connection, among different users in an area, sharing more bigger connection. Dislike the dedicated internet service, the amount of bandwidth which been offered only up to maximum speed which available in package speed. So, there is no guarantee on the speed of what you will get or connection quality. The speed will be decided by the ISP’s network traffic and congestion which can be so varied depending on location or the time of the day. This is not common for users who find out that their internet connection is slower during the day and good performance in the night.

Broadband Internet Service for home users and SOHO.
Broadband Internet Service for home users and SOHO.

The bandwidth speed would be more unpredictable and the performance is so varied which can cause problems with apps to make the users frustration. The lack of performance and reliability are predictable become the main difference between dedicated internet and broadband service. However, the bandwidth speed is asymmetrical which is good for downloads but it worse for the upload service. You should know that the upload speed is what you need in most businesses to push out the data to the apps and users. Even the service cost is lower and buyers should be carefully considered and how the lack of performance can affect the business.

The differences between dedicated internet and broadband internet

One of the main benefits of these internet services as the bandwidth was guaranteed. The uploads and downloads will be always consistent in symmetrical speeds. It makes the apps run smoothly and remove the chance of slowdown which can affect your overall business operation. The big file uploads were a common issue for many businesses and dedicated internet solve this issue with the high upload speed.

The Difference Between Dedicated and Broadband internet.

You will get better throughput

When your internet connection suddenly slowing down, one thing that people usually do is running the speed test. Unluckily the bandwidth speed is not the only factor in true internet performance. There are several factors together deciding throughput and bandwidth performance. So, this is a good metaphor for internet connection will be the highway onramp There are many ways that you have to know first between those two types of internet connections.

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