Find Out the Difference in Services from Co-location, Vps, and Shared Web Hosting

The internet has now become an inseparable part of daily life. Through the internet, we can do various things, such as knowing a news story, conducting transaction activities such as selling an item or buying an item, carrying out productivity activities such as writing, designing, and meeting entertainment needs such as watching a film.

The internet is a medium for you to be able to achieve your desires as previously stated. So you can do various things, then you need an internet network connection. Well, the purpose of your place to do things that you want can be called a website. There are so many websites that are on the internet according to their respective goals and functions.

So, the analogy is like you go to a house to be able to enjoy or access various things in the house. The owner of the house can be considered as a site owner or content creator. They will create a variety of content that you can enjoy when you come to visit their site. Both in a visual and audiovisual format.

Site owners certainly cannot build their sites. The existence of a server is a requirement so that the website can be built and enjoyed by the visitors later. This server is usually not built by the site owner. A site owner usually will lease a server to the server service providers.

There are so many types and differences in servers. Therefore, if you are a site owner, you must be able to determine and choose the type of server that is suitable and that you need according to your site. Some of the services that are often offered by server service providers for this problem are Co-Location, VPS, and Shared Web Hosting.

Co-Location is a service offered by server service providers to customers who need server reliability that is more than just an ordinary server. This service is perfect for the need for access to the server at any time with fairly fast bandwidth. Because of these needs, this service is more suitable for a large company that has business activities in the internet world. One of them that we can take for example
from customers who use this service is a company engaged in banking.
In this service, all matters relating will be given to the party offering services. Starting from the problem of renting a server, server maintenance, server security, until the technical part to overcome the technical problems experienced by the server used by the customer.

VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. This service is offered to customers who need dedicated servers that also come at an affordable price at the same time. It use a tough physical server to build a virtual server that will be distributed so that it can be accessed privately. With this sharing method, the server used by a user will be in full control of the user and will not be shared or used by other users simultaneously.

Shared web hosting is a server service by sharing the use of web hosting. Web hosting is used to host a website so the site can go online. Even so, this method is different from the two previous services. This service will be used simultaneously by other users who rent this server service. Like you rent a boarding house in one house. To be able to use various facilities in the house, then you and other residents live in the same house, using the same facilities, but with different room locations.

The difference between the three types of services also certainly affects the price of the services offered. Co-Location services will certainly be more expensive than VPS services. Likewise, VPS services will be more expensive than shared web hosting services. All of that is based on the quality of services offered.