What Is Clean Pipe Internet?

For those of us who don’t have a background in the IT world or even those who have a background in the IT world, maybe there are still many of us doesn’t know what a CLEAN PIPE INTERNET services is. A service which is currently starting to be provided by several internet service providers / ISPs including Cyberplus.

Generally, an internet service providers in Indonesia such as Cyberplus, deliver internet access to customers unfiltered. This means that internet access to the customer does not go through a process of modification / manipulation at all. This has its own advantages and disadvantages, because generally the characteristics of internet cunsomers in Indonesia are those who prefer services like this.

Besides the advantages of internet access services like this, there are also consequences, because if without adequate security, the network on the customer’s side becomes vulnerable to virus, SPAM, and DDOS attacks.

Well, the CLEAN PIPE INTERNET service, on the other hand, provides secure internet access services and has gone through a firewall device on the internet service provider side. So that internet access services that reach customers are better protected from viruses, SPAM and DDOS attacks from the internet in the customer’s network. If you think you need this kind of internet access and want to hear more detail about this kind of service, feel free to consult your internet needs on Cyberplus anytime!