Internet penetration and the rapid development of Digital Technology in Indonesia, has made internet access become one of the primary needs of society today. A stable and reliable high-speed internet service is necessary for everyone to do their daily activities.

On the other hand, with a market segment consisting of people from various backgrounds, the price offered must also be affordable. Therefore, broadband internet service is the most appropriate alternative to answer those needs.

Providing quality broadband internet services at affordable prices is one of the targets that we must achieve. As we always mention, that we are aiming to become one of the leading internet service provider company in building an internet based community to achieve quality yet affordable internet services.

To answer the challenge, we are proud to present Jets Internet as a Broadband-based internet service provider in Indonesia.

Jets Internet uses Fiber Optic networks with FTTx technology to serve the internet from Distribution Routers to our customer locations (100% Optical Fiber). With high speed and a more stable connection quality, Jets Internet offers a more satisfying internet surfing experience. You do not need to worry about disconnected connections, buffering while watching videos/movies, and lag in the middle of playing online games.